Celina is eager to bring her unique combination of skills in positive youth development, social and emotional learning and wellbeing, educational practice, racial equity, and strategic nonprofit management to the Milton School Committee. As Executive Director over the past five years, Celina has led the nonprofit organization Hyde Square Task Force in setting a strategic plan and managing a $2.2 million annual operating budget. In this role, she has led her organization through strategic planning, developed and monitored success metrics, responsibly managed the budget, and raised the necessary revenue to strengthen the organization's financial health. She has relied on evidence-based management practices and built a committed and dedicated team. This has resulted in overall organizational success and national recognition. 


A focus on positive youth development is the driving force behind her leadership at Hyde Square Task Force. As such, Celina has successfully centered social-emotional learning and wellbeing in all programming and strategic plans. Notably, this has set the organization apart from others. Importantly, she has also led the organization through two capital projects, including the sale of real estate to strengthen the organization's financial position. Through years of working in philanthropy, Celina has gained extensive experience in strategy development and data tracking and management. As a professor at the graduate level, Celina combines her passion for social work, community, and education to build the next generation of social workers! 


Celina brings an unparalleled depth of experience to priorities of the Milton School Committee: 1) strategic planning and policy development, 2) overseeing the budget, and 3) managing district leadership. Many leaders talk about the importance of improving educational quality, opportunity, and equity; Celina is qualified to do it. Her passion for these issues in Milton are driven by her roles as Milton parent and community member. Combine this with her 20+ years of leading organizations and teaching others how to effectively improve children’s lives and we get a powerhouse who will work for what’s best for all our students. With a proven track record and unparalleled commitment, Celina will help Milton continue on its journey to create a high-quality, equitable educational system for all. 

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